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Red face getting off those pounds!!

Hey ladies!! I joined this a few years ago for a nutrition class I was taking but more recently I've signed on to help me drop some weight before my sister's wedding in August. I've got really about 60 pounds to lose but I figure 20 pounds would be a decent goal for then. Plus, that'll put me right under my ULTIMATE GOAL of being under 200 pounds!!!

So... I hope none of you mind but I added all you (who have posted on this thread) to my contact/buddy list. I've been keeping a journal (well, two entries so far) of my experiences and it would be cool just to keep up with how other women are doing.

You all are super uplifting and I'm excited for us all to get where we want to be! Yay for us!

PS - I'm a 27 year old female from the San Francisco bay working in childcare and aspiring to open my own business this winter. What about all you guys?
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