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Hi Julika05,

I would suggest that yes, count calories. There are a lot of nice tips and articles here on this site that can benefit you. I also think increasing your activity and being mindful of WHAT you are eating will make all the difference. I try to avoid processed food. I don't eat "Diet" food. "Diet" food tended to fool me into thinking that I could then indulge in other things. And most diet food is highly processed. I also found, personally, that severe calorie restriction wasn't the best for me. I can be a very grumpy person when I eat only 1200 calories a day!

I enjoy walking and it is a great exercise. Be consistent. Set a very doable goal. Even if it is walking for 10 minutes a day. Set some type of reachable goal that you know you can honor.

Be okay with the fact that some weeks you might not lose weight. Be okay with the fact that some months you may not lose weight! Just keep going. I have been on this path now for three years... still going, and I have 4 pounds to go to reach my goal!
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