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Thanks for the great replies.

I live in a two bedroom apartment so I don’t really have the space to set up a home gym. Previously I had a 4 bedroom dream apartment where one of the rooms was my home office and where I had treadmill. Unfortunately I had to let go of it once the second daughter was born and the increasing debt was eating all resources at that time.

Currently, finding the space to exercise at home is more than anything a creativity and will power exercise.

Riding to work is a magnificent idea, but it’s something that I can’t apply in my case, I guess it would take me about 2 or 3 hours per commute by going the minor roads. It’s a 45 minute drive through heavy city traffic and then the highway (no bikes in there).

Even though I still miss the gym environment and the comfort of having the nice equipment and exclusive focus on the workout, I am starting to move a bit more and finding a compromise between job, the household and my health and fitness.

I have acquired a cheap set of rubber bands and am finding it enjoyable enough to at least create a basic workout routine that I am trying to stick with.

Giving the living-room door a new meaning
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