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Originally Posted by carolynnq View Post
Nobe - if you're doing all your exercise in the evening, could you break it up some? Maybe get up 15 min early and do 10 min of something before you go to work. Could you walk some during your lunch break? Even a little leisurely walking would be good if you're at a job where you sit.
My job is really active but I'm only there three days a week. The rest of the week I'm at home with a clingy three year old. I do my walking during the day (or at work, when I'm at work), but if I tried to lift weights or do sit ups or anything when the kid is around he'd be climbing all over me. So my only option is to do it after he's gone to bed. I could get up early, but he gets up anywhere from 5am on, and I'm NOT a morning person! Haha. It worked for me last year to spend about 45 minutes in the evening lifting weights and doing stretches and calisthenics while I watched tv, but with this job I'm exhausted by 8:30. And I can never fall asleep if I go to bed early so I'm always underslept, which doesn't help. But I'm working on it.
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