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Originally Posted by noclaw View Post
On Daily Burn, you can create a custom food and then submit it for review. I think the ones that are approved are often verifiable restaurant or store-bought foods. The first time I searched for a food (pad thai) I received over 300 results. I didn't realize that user-submitted foods were included and was kind of put off by it, but you can un-check a box to leave out these foods. I think it's a great idea. Imagine my surprise at finding Old Mill spelt bread! Maybe FitDay could work in a similar feature so we can share our custom foods?
I've used a site like that in the past where custom foods wouldn't be able to be added until they'd been submitted it for verification. It may work if you are based in the same country as the website/organisation, but it didn't work for the country I come from. Either the information was not available for them to check, or the manufacturers were hard to find or wouldn't give that information. It made tracking my nutrient intake impossible. There were absolutely no foods in their database from where I live.

I would welcome this however IF we could still retain the ability to create and use our own custom foods exactly as we can now, even if they couldn't be shared. To be honest it was this feature of being able to create our own custom foods without having to submit them that made me choose FitDay over a couple of other sites. The main reason anyway. I just make sure I keep the packet or can and enter the details before I throw them away.

As a side, one change I would like to see on FitDay is the ability to add sugar to the list of things that could be edited.

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