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Default Diet Planning


I have been on a hunt and I hope fitday can help.

I have tried numerous online services that track your food.

The issue I have is that they track your food after you've eaten it so when you come to log it it like, oops didn't realise that had xyz worth of calories in it.

Most websites have some form of Diet planner, but I gotta admit trawling through all the recipies to find something that fits my goal is long and tedious.

Does Fitday or any other service offer a easy diet planning method, something like the following?
  1. You input what your calorie intake will be
  2. You adjust the macro nutrient breakdown
  3. Select the ingredients you like to eat

Press submit and it simply tells you how much in grams/ml/cups...whatever of each ingredient you have to consume to hit your macronutrient targets?
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