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I am so glad Stanley is having such a good time. That little boy in Kentucky is going to be so thrilled with what you send him!

Kind of makes me wish I had mailed myself to Mike, too. But I think NOLA will be the trip we take after we drop DS off at college in a couple years, unless we can swing it before then.

Robin, sounds like you are doing great. Good luck with the no-take-out goal. You are a stronger woman than I and will probably be eating better because of it. I don't have the emotional energy to go into the fiasco that was the end of last week; suffice it to say that it has made this week ungodly busy and I had to plan in some meals out to preserve my sanity. But I tried to do them at places where I have a "safety" order. And I will take you up on your walking challenge as well. I'm hoping to start my C25K again this week; I turned into a real slug after I injured my hip flexor.

Jenn, nobe, Hope, glad you all are on board and keeping it steady.

Donna, I'm glad you're sticking with the forums; also glad you found what you needed.

Well, life has been crazy, so I'm keeping goals simple.

1. Log everything and post daily.
2. Make good decisions and eat clean.
3. Move some every day (and do the walking challenge).
4. Work steadily but not frantically. One thing at a time.

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck
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