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Hullo Carolynnq
thank you for your reply. It was great coming and seeing an email from you.

Am still having problems getting into Fitday.... I log on several times before I am accepted. Must have something to do with the dreadful heat we are experiencing today.

Went into the 7 day motivational site... I need to spend more time in ther and read more, but for today there is no time.

I also know there is somewhere in the site that I can go in and write up my calorie intake, present weight, goals.

To tell you the truth, I am to scared to get onto the scales. Good scales in my bedroom. Last time I looked I was pushing 92 kg.

1) So my first goal is to get back down to 90kg, which is a small thing but hard to do.
2) Second thing is to try to drink more water.

3) I know I should not drink coffee, it is too acid making, and acid body keeps on weight. But have dropped from two cups filter coffee a day to just one wake me up in the morning.

4) Cut back on the dairy... which is hard for me because I am a vegeterian and soya products dont agree with me (glutin) But I dont eat that much cheese anyway. And only take milk in my coffee and in my morning porridge.. about half a cup a day in all.

5) and fruit. I love fruit, but think I am eating too much of it, cut back somehow.

Ok, promiss to weight myself on Friday morning. Scared or not scared of the scales.

Today was an active day. Two young people came at 10 and picked me up, went shopping at the mall. Stopped for lunch. They drank huge glasses of fruit juice, I had water with ice. They ate big wrapes with chichen and stuff, chips on the side. I had oven roast vegs on a large slice of health rye bread. No chips. We got back home on 2. That is a long time for me to be out, and now plus the heat, I am very tired.

Supper will be.... fruit. A large mango, a peach, two stalks celery and a piece of cheese... later on will have one slice toasted multigrain bread, butter, and thin cheese... open sandwich.

You seem to be doing OK Carolynnq. Hope you have done well today, and do even better tomorrow.
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