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Mike, thanks for starting us. 7 pounds a week is an ambitious goal. Altho this week I would LOVE to lose the 4-5 I gained here.

Mike, Cassie: DH and I took Stanley to Cafe du Monde last night and once again he was a star. A group of college age people recounted their experiences, didn't get it on tape but one guy took Stanley to the Eiffel Tower.

Yes after our extravagant dinner at Nola, we went to Cafe du Monde, and yes I had pretzels and chips after that which is why I'm back this morning on FD.

We're taking Stanley to NY, then to FL. Mike, I told DD we have a foster doll and she texted (and I quote) "I am not introducing a paper doll to my friends." Well!!! I will get her to come around and I will take good care of him!!!Tori, PM me with your address so I can send him to you or if it's OK Mike will give me the info. Or I can send Stanley back to Mike and he can send him to you.

Donna so glad you are still here with us.

Robin I like how you say a mere 10 k

I'm with Jenn on the 6 glasses of water. 8 is ambitious for me, little sipper that I am.

I feel like I'm getting a head cold; maybe cause we're leaving NOLA? Everyone go visit Mike; he is a true Southern gentleman. We had a fabuolus time with him and his lovely family.

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