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Default 7 Day motivational thread 3/11/13

I hate to start it 2 weeks in a row, I feel like a thread.starter.hog but I don't know what tomorrow has in store for me and I am starting over and I need to be in this week.

Cassie, let me just tell you the Stanley is FAMOUS. I was walking along the river with Hope, her DH and Stanley and Hope goes to take a picture with Stanely. We hear this guy telling his (wife, gf, female friend, whatever) that our little fella was Stanley, then he tells her the story about Stanley. So then we make our way to Bourbon Street. Yes, we took him to Bourbon Street but it was day time and we didn't take him in any bars or skrip clubs. Stanley stops for another photo opp and some guy walks up to tell us about his Stanley that he took on a cruise to Mexico. Then a crowd of girls walk up and they tell us about Stanley. One girl said she took Stanley to the Czech Republic. She even did a video interview for Hope. Not more that a couple mintues go by and it's time for Stanley to pose for more pics. ANOTHER woman walks up and tells us her stary about Stanley. She also did a video interview for Hope. I think we were all in shock how this little fella is known by so many people. The crazy thing is that people came to us to talk about him. They couldn't be happier to tell us their stories.

This morning I was back up to 197.4

I will weigh in tomorrow morning, take a pic of the scale and post my weight.

My goals for the next couple weeks:
1) Lose 7 pounds (PER WEEK)
2) 100+ ounces of water per day
3) post daily
4) take all vitamins daily
5) have fun and help raise a lot of money for Johnny on Thursday

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