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I'm not even going to try to finish logging my day - I made a casserole with a ton of ingredients (brown rice, barley, spelt, chicken breast and about 10 different kinds of veggies with a bit of cheese sauce) and I didn't use a recipe/measure and I don't really want to input everything one by one anyway. It was all pretty healthy, though (except the cheese sauce but I used good quality cheese so I've justified it, haha), and I only had half a plate with salad, and I had 700 calories left before dinner so I think I'm ok.

<1600 calories - 1739, 1497, 1534, 1459, 2209, 1519, ? but I think green
>64oz water - yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, not even close, no
>20% protein - 17%, 17%, 23%, 24%, 22%, 24%, before dinner it was 23%
walk on days off - worked, worked, 6k, don't know how far but was wandering downtown for 3+ hours, worked, walked to get groceries and run errands most of the day, just to the store and back
weights/calisthenics on days off - worked, worked, no, no, worked, no, no
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