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Default Help, i binge eat

Let me start off by explaining the situation a little bit more...
I have approximately 20 lbs to lose by the summer hopefully. To be completely honest, it's not so much the number that I'm focused on as much as I am focusing about losing fat - slimming down and all that. I started going to the gym about a month ago and I usually go 4 times a week. My diet isn't too bad, but there is one big concern...I tend to binge. I didn't think that's what it was before but when I read up on the subject more, I realized that's exactly what I do, and I do it more and more often these days and it really irritates me. I usually do you in the evenings and I have a hard time believing that I'll be able to get over this. It's caused to boredom or emotions, although sometimes I don't even know what to blame it on, I'm just stuffing my face. I need to stop and I want to stop. I have never before in my life had such a hard time controlling myself. I feel full during the entire day and eat generally healthy meals and snacks, but once evening or night time comes around (usually), I can't seem to get full, and worst of all, it's with the worst foods...

I'm new to this, and I'm not sure what to do or where to go. I have a goal set on how I want to look and that I want to achieve this asap, but I know I won't get far or even anywhere if I don't stop binging.

Please help? Much appreciated and kudos to all those dedicated to their goals!!
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