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<1600 calories - 1739, 1497, 1534, 1459, 2209, 1519
>64oz water - yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, not even close
>20% protein - 17%, 17%, 23%, 24%, 22%, 24%
walk on days off - worked, worked, 6k, don't know how far but was wandering downtown for 3+ hours, worked, walked to get groceries and run errands most of the day
weights/calisthenics on days off - worked, worked, no, no, worked, no

Posted two days because last night I was bad and felt really sick...let myself get too hungry after being good all day and stuffed my face with chicken parm and ravioli. Still, shows how good I was earlier that it only brought me up to 2209.

I've discovered that the difference in me getting my protein or not has been going back to my old breakfast from last year of Greek yogurt with a bit of All-Bran and some fruit mixed in. The added bonus is that I'm not super gassy all day. I'm thinking maybe my digestive system hates bread.

The only time I have to exercise at home is in the evening, and I've been really really tired in the evening. I have to figure something out for doing my weights. It made me feel so much stronger last year. I guess I just have to do it, but most of the time I can barely keep my eyes open. Getting more sleep would probably help.
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