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Yes Jezzie Happy International Women's Day to you as well, thanks for the beautiful message.

Hope it was me said you were having coffee with a crack dealer. Haha yep I know about that addiction, the path is certain, from pastries to classic junk. (I think I am mixing metaphors here). Many of us been there I am sure.

Carolynnq it was funny about what you wrote about the scales because I have the same thing. I have been bouncing around between 174-176 for a couple of weeks now with no set pattern and I have been following my goals very well. However today I realized that this was the weight I got to on my previous weight loss journey. And then it got too hard so I decided I was content with that. I never tried to go lower. I guess you would call this a set point for me. I'm sticking this one out I want to get down to 160 this time.

Nobe that's very frustrating trying to help others who won't take it. It is amazing how people joke about not liking exercise or vegetables etc. Like it's simply a preference, when it can mean life or death (or some illness in between).

Well I have 18km in walking this week- expect to hit 20 by Sunday.

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If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. –Tony Robbins
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