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Originally Posted by Jezzie8 View Post
* Good morning. To those of you who walk - what kind of pedometer do you use? Any I've tried just suck - not accurate. I've heard Curves has a digital one that works really well, might check that out.
I use map my run app for my smart phone

Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
Mike, OK, OK, I'm with you on the parm. As for the scale, I better move it back. I gained a pound from my "adventures."

I started the day with pastry and it went downhill from there on so many levels but especially food (and sloth.) Pastries to burger and fries, to gumbo and ice cream to I don't know what. Thing is: I don't even like pastries any more. I just ate em to "be social." Seriously. They were cloyingly sweet and yet they seemed to set off some reaction in me. Am I just imagining this? Justifying? (Mike will say yes prolly) But I swear starting out the day like that made me hungrier... My chest hurts, my sleep was terrible. I can't blame the "dealer" I was a willing customer...
Yes, as you know, in da souf we fry everything, once again proving that Tori is a yank. You prolly are justifyling. I also don't like pastries any more... don't like them any less either!
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