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1) 8 glasses of water- 6? 7? 6 so hard for me IDKY no
2) walk or move, stop being a slug- walked, walked, walked ,walked and danced
3) plan meals - yes, yes, yes, yes
4) do not say what plan? ate more than planned; plan? hahahahaha just added 1/2 piece of sf cheesecake DH bought but I'm calling it a yes NO
5) stretch - yes no yes, yes
6) meditate - yes no yes no
7) do not give up (writing, diet, health, etc.) ok with diet, the rest meh... gave up on everything (writing, diet, health) and then decided to turn it around positive, trying to heal, wrote antoher story, walked, meditated, yeah baby!!! ummm took a break...
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