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1) plan ahead--yes, yes, sorta, yes
2) no fried foods--none, none, not one!, still holding strong
3) at least 4 bottles of water--nope, nuh uh, what do y'all think?, hahahaha
4) post something nice daily--got to spend some good quality time with The Jassi Cat, WHN doesn't have to work overtime tonight , actually worked a full day today...doesn't happen often on Wednesdays, work wasn't horrible and I spent a nice relaxing evening of nothing. I don't get enough of those kind of nights

I can't remember who asked (Darlene maybe) if I breaded the chicken before I baked it. I did use breadcrumbs. But only for a little bit of crunch. Gonna get back to work. Hoping for another strong day today for all of us!

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