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Daily goals!
1. Check-in to FitDay M=Y T=Y W=Y Th=Y
2. 6+ Pints of water M=9 T=8 W=7.5 Th=7.5
3. Log everything M=Y T=Y W=Y Th=Y
4. Take Vitamins M=Y T=Y W=Y Th=Y
5. At least 100 grams protein M=99 T=139 W=113 Th=111
6. At least 4 Fruit/Veg M=5 T=5 W=7 Th=5
7. Have a 500+ calorie deficit M=1305 T=926 W=1314 Th=1563

Weekly goals!
1. 420+ minutes of cardio/strength training - 440
2. Record a loss (Wednesday) - -1.4lbs

Feel much better today, even considering a stupidly high deficit again. Just don't know how to get more in. I'm eating 4-5 meals a day!
Met my exercise goal for the week. After I'm back from holiday I may well increase it.

Calories consumed - 1485
Calories earned from exercise - 1118
January 2nd 2013 - 288.4lbs
March 6th 2013 - 256.2lbs
19.75 Inches lost so far!
First Goal:March 23rd 2013 (birthday) - reach 250lbs
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