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Jezzie: Thanks for the advice! I like the idea of doing something to take my mind off it. From now on when I have a craving I'm going to listen to a motivating song on my MP3 player.

Jenn: That's a fantastic loss, well done!!!! I'm proper jealous.

Mern and Robin: I was told by my trainer that I needed more calories when I was floating around the 1300-1500 mark. I'm trying to get it up over 1700+ but it's proving very difficult to do without loading up on junk. I'm not on a low carb diet, I usually net 150+ grams a day. Hopefully it's not a one-off, or once in a blue moon though as I feel fantastic today!
Robin, my dog is 10 years old now but has bad hips from being over bred so can't walk far without pain. Well done on your fantastic mileage this week!
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