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Doing two days because I forgot yesterday (logged everything but forgot to come on here). Thanks for the words of support, everyone!

My stepmom emailed me today wanting help with her "diet". She went to her doctor today and her cholesterol and blood pressure are dangerously high. It's frustrating though because last year she kept asking me how I was losing weight and when I told her she was like, "ew, I hate vegetables, ew, I could never eat All-Bran, ew, chicken is gross." And she's always so black and white about losing weight. She'll eat garbage and do nothing but sit at the computer for months and then all of a sudden will eat rabbit food and run 4k on the treadmill every day for two weeks. And then she quits because it's too hard. Her favourite meal is plain spaghetti with mashed potatoes. I don't really want to help her because she doesn't listen, but basically, if she doesn't listen she will probably die. Ugh.

I tried to call her but she wasn't home (she was at bingo, undoubtedly eating white bread and processed cheese grilled cheese sandwiches), so I ended up talking to my dad about it for half an hour. He used to eat lots of vegetables but doesn't so much anymore because she hates them. He still eats more than she does, and he's out in his garden 8 hours a day getting exercise. He's been trying to tell her to change her lifestyle rather than go on a diet for years (and he'd probably be glad to have more veggies in his diet), but she thinks she knows best and he's given up. She's such a child. She'd rather have a heart attack than replace some of her Baconators with veggies. I'm almost just mad at her at this point.

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