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Good tips, Simon! Especially #1.

I'm tall-ish, and my extra weight was pretty equally distributed, so I didn't ever have any huge clothes. But I don't know if I'd want to keep a reminder around.

Re your #3, whenever I pick up a 10# bag of something or a 40# bag of birdseed, I do imagine my body carrying that mass around (and cringe!). I also use a 1# block of cheese as a visualization (cheese because I know what an ounce looks like). Sometimes I visualize my previous body and then imagine 30 1-lb blocks of cheese stuck all over it. Yuck! Mostly I use my cheese block to keep up my will power in avoiding things I shouldn't eat. My husband brought home a cinnamon streusel coffee cake. Besides the fact that I've sworn off sugar and white flour, it's tempting sitting there. It's 200 calories for a smallish slice. I visualize that eating it would slap a 1-oz hunk of cheese on my waist or hips and a lot of times that's enough to make me walk away.

Edited to add: Great job on the weight loss!
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