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Default Keep trying different combinations

I did a similar thing that you did. I went hardcore into a smoothie routine and found I felt puny and hungry. What has worked really well for me is beefing up my smoothies with nuts, oats, or other filling (and nutritious) ingredients and eating it at the right time of the day.

I am always STARVING in the morning, so I wake up and immediately have toast with peanut butter. After a few hours, I make a large, very packed smoothie and have that as my mid morning 'meal'. Lunch is a moderate, balanced meal and dinner is small. I also have plenty of snacks. I probably eat every hour or hour and a half.

I put tons of stuff in my smoothie recipes, so I'm not cutting out any essential food groups. It helps to have a great blender that cuts it down quickly and is simple to clean.

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