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Jezzie that's great! My weight fluctuates day by day but overall it is going down. Don't be discouraged if you don't stay there are clearly on your way. It looks like for you the physical activity is impt. It's different for all of us. In my normal life (I say that because nothing is very normal right now) I am way too busy.....I have managed to structure in physical activity but my food is horrible........go too long without eating, then eat the wrong things. My biggest change has been nutritionally, eating regularly and healthily. My most impt goal has been taking a healthy lunch to work!

I had this grandiose idea of early am inspiration for everyone by posting a walk before most of you get up. Well that's not happening but I did go walk (it was more around noonish). The dog and I tried a new route and did 5.21km today. That puts me somewhere close to 13km for this week so far. I don't blame you Darlene for not walking before work, that IS too early.

Tori........I can say that I truly appreciate Spring. That's one advantage of the dramatic seasons

I am going to make mashed cauliflower for supper......what can I put in it for taste?

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