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This is me catching up with people....

Hope--I know I've been away and seem like Mike's imaginary friend, but I do indeed exist He told me that I had to check in so people would know that I was real and they wouldn't think he's crazy. But I think we all know better than that. We KNOW he's crazy. I'm out in the cornfield with you and Shoeless Joe. The corn is hiding all the weight I've gained since WHN has been home.

Darlene--woohoo on your walk!! Calories are looking good too. Now get to squatting!!

nobe--I feel your pain with all the freebies from vendors. I've had to tell my guys to stop offering me stuff. If it's offered I feel obligated to take it, but if it's not offered then I won't be tempted by it. And who can resist cake?? Don't sweat the extra calories, work them off later in the week.

Mern--I'm glad you get a kick out of our banter. I'm just glad I've got someone to help me harass him. WOOHOOO where's the dancing banana when you need it?! Awesome results from the doctor. You truly are an inspiration to us all!

Boo--Your exercise goals are ambitious to me too. Just saw your sig and WootWoot!! Awesome losses!!!

Donna--I won't tell anyone you missed by 10 minutes. SHHHHHH Goals are looking great so far. Keep up your good work

Robin--Congrats on speeding up your walks. That's always a good sign that you're getting fitter. And UGHHH you can keep the snow, slush and mess. This Southern girl can't stand the stuff. And I literally LOL'd at your "call him the death dealer" comment. I might have to steal and use it one day. It's not copyrighted is it?

Jenn--congrats on the will power. I need to get back to that myself And good job on the exercise


Stanley--keep up the good work Lil Buddy. See you soon.

Cassie--Come out come out wherever you are.......

Mini Goal Weight-220--MET! 01/25/16
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Current Weight-218.8 (January 25, 2016)
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