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Default Custom meals and recipes builder

Folks, new here -- nice app.

But one thing jumps out as an obvious need: a recipe builder. The custom food builder seems to require me to insert all the nutritional details for the food, apparently adding everything from each ingredient together by hand and plugging it into a single list.

Why not allow me, for example, to create the item "breakfast" from specific selections of cheerios, milk and strawberries and record it that way, by adding the components of each? Then I call "breakfast" as a single combined meal for each day's log.

Of course, I could do the same for my homemade chili, allowing for (among other things) my low salt version compared for canned chilis.

I've seen other food logs do this, and am very surprised I can't see it here. It's combining the data from several database items into a combined unit.

Or am I missing something that others find obvious?

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