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Carolyn, glad you had a nice walk this morning. Thanks for your congrats on my blood test. Way to go getting your Mom's A1C down with the help of South Beach! You should be really proud of that! It surely is a well-balanced program with delicious food. I dropped two other doctors who just wanted to put me on medication. I finally decided each of them was either not educated enough or didn't care enough to take the time to help me. My current doctor, who is a general family practitioner, sat down and went over my FitDay food logs with me to see what I was eating and we formulated my nutrition goals together. And she didn't charge me or my insurance company an extra nickel. She said she doesn't mind at all helping people who are willing to do the work to avoid completely or reduce their dosages of medication.

Jenn, thanks for your cheer, too. Great job on your exercise yesterday. Major kudos on going for coffee and not getting a muffin or other goodies! You deserve a gold medal for that! Looks like you know what to do and how to do it to keep your weight loss momentum going.
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