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Got yesterday's blood test results back already--takes only one day for them to show up in my online health management account with my doctor's network. Yesterday's tests confirmed that I have now kept my blood glucose reversed from pre-diabetes to normal without medication since August 2011. My cholesterol has now been normal since August 2012 without medication. Triglycerides have come down a lot from my record high of 286mg per deciliter of blood to 272 August of 2012, to my new record low of 227 yesterday--again without meds. Still a long way to go to normal of 150, but yahoo on my improvement.

Donna, kudos on your exercise anyway, even though you didn't get in the last workout. I like the idea of your weekly goal. My unwritten goal is 30 minutes per day, but for the record I go by exercising 5 days.

Boo, when I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes a while back but wanted to manage my blood sugar without medication, my doctor helped me learn to eat 25 grams net carbs per day, but that's after deducting grams of fiber which are carbs that don't impact blood sugar. I am not perfect all the time--I have been known to indulge in many carb fests, but for the most part:
--My grain is flaxmeal and textured soy veggie powder, and Dreamfields pasta which is touted to have "low digestible carbs." My "bread" is 5g net carb high fiber tortillas or flaxmeal muffins.
--I don't eat potatoes or starchy veggies such as corn or beans except for black soybeans which are only 1g net carbs per 1/2 cup serving.
--I eat a large variety of low carb veggies--mostly green leafy ones, plus cabbage, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, bean sprouts.
--My fruit is pretty much limited to any kind of berries (except grapes) and any kind of melon (except watermelon). Occasionally I will indulge in half a peach. Grapes, oranges, bananas and apples are way too high in carbs for me, so I stick to melon and berries.
-- I don't drink milk but get more than enough calcium from yogurt, cheeses, sour cream and sometimes cream in my coffee
--I strive to eat low carb, sugar free treats

Robin, you exercise goddess! Kudos on your walk again today. You set such a good example for the rest of us! Oh, we're not that far off on the time, then. You just get moving way before the rest of us drag our sorry butts out of bed. LOL
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