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Default Cut the wheat

I recently read Wheat Belly - fascinating reading. Many on here may disagree, but I've been following a Paleo diet for the last 4 weeks and have had great results. Here is my typical no-cook lunch (which I need to pack every day):

1 Boiled Egg
1 Tanka Bar (natural bison and cranberry pemmican)
1 Banana (more carbs than I should, but I like a little natural sugar)
1 oz of Unsalted Cashews or Almonds

Occasionally add in a carrot or two, or some green pepper slices.

Just about anything that you get that is processed is going to be a bad choice. Look at the ingredients - any dairy, soy, sugars, whey.

One of the benefits of a high protein/low carb diet (with no grains, dairy or sugars) is that I am not hungry at all. Light exercise 3-4 times a week and showing some good results. Everyone has their own path, but I would encourage reading the book Wheat Belly and reconsider including wheat products of any kind in your diet.

Good luck and continued success!

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