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I'm liking the frenchhen!
Seems to me that we've (this "generalized we" = humans of the industrialized world?) forgotten how to listen to our bodies and eat what comes naturally to us.
  • We say we need to eat because it's 6:00 and that's dinner time.
  • We're full but we finish what's on our plates because that's what we were taught to do.
  • We're hungry but decide we shouldn't eat because the log says we've taken our quota of calories today.
Tracking is important -- you gotta know what you're doing wrong to change it and you gotta know what you're doing right to keep doing it.

Are you happy maintaining?
Is the increase in calories and fat taking you off track?
Are there other changes (more exercise) that might have you eating more?

Interesting article -- Intuitive Eating: The Common Sense Approach to Dieting and Weight Loss - Shape Magazine

Perhaps your brain signals aren't jumbled...
(But, maybe they are...)
Eat this today! (If you don't like that one, come back and click again...)
My Calorie Intake Goal: Keep the tank full and feel good!
Next physical challenge: Ride my bicycle from Seattle to SanFran!
Burning desire: Stand at the high point of every State in the US -- one down (#4 on the list), 49 to go!
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