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Everyone, thanks for your encouragement on my walking today.

Mike and Stanley nice goals.

Jenn, best wishes on your goals this week. Dinner Sunday was great, thanks: grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, tomato & mozzarella salad, diet cola. Should get my bloodwork tomorrow. I'm crossing MY fingers, too, as I may have cheated on carbs too much, so blood sugar might be a little high. Cholesterol should be fine, though.

Hi, Boo! Wow, nice goals! Best wishes on those!

Robin, the time zone thing can be really confusing. I don't know what part of Canada you're in. I'm in Ohio, USA and Eastern Time Zone and am posting this at almost 9:00PM. What time is it where you live when it's 9:00PM here? Aw, that's sweet that your dog will appreciate your outdoor exercise in the morning. I love green tea but all the tea in the world wouldn't take a cupcake craving away for me. LOL Enjoy the special sharing and cooking of healthful food for your DH. I tried to make kale chips in the oven. It called for just a small bit of olive oil--like a tablespoon for the entire bunch of kale--but maybe the recipe had too much for the size of the bunch. They were good when right out of the oven, but became limp when cooled. If I had a dehydrator, I'd try that.
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