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Default ok I figure it's a time zone thing

I am totally clueless as to how time zones work but what I have discovered is this. I get on this forum first thing in the am and "nothing new" then I get on again at suppertime and Kerpow!! there are so many posts! So I am thinking that I must be getting up and at it while most of you are still sleeping. I think I will take the time to verify this hypothesis (maybe at 48 I should understand the time zones).

In the meantime however, I am going to add a goal for this week..I am going to exercise (walk or snowshoe) first thing in the am and post it. That way when you guys get up it will be there. (If that's what's going on). Plus my dog will love me.

My husband (dependent as he is right now with his broken leg) is quite enjoying our healthy eating kick. Given that I am working less and paying far more attention to cooking. He's liked everything so far except the flatbread pizza . However not long ago he was pretty much begging me for a cupcake and I gave him green tea haha. I told him the green tea would take the craving away (works for me).

This week:

1. Exercise every am and post
2. Drink green tea
3. Lotsa water
4. Cook healthy meals, try new things.

There has been some great losses on here. Weightlossboo way to go! And Mern, good walk today!

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