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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
I am up 4 or 5 lbs, yes, bye bye 120s ... I blame Mike haha for that incredible crawfish boil ( so much food!!! so cool to see how it is cooked!!!) We had so much fun DH and I refused to leave and Mike and his GF gave us dinner too. Great family, great time. Well behaved chilluns, cute doggies (yes I got to meet Close and Mytsie up close and personal) and of course, Stanley, so cool, such a nice little guy...
Them chirrens are well behaved b/c they know who's boss. Chloe' and Mytsie had a good time. I think Mytsie spent half the day in your lap. I glad y'all had a good time, I know we sure did, even Stanley. Hell I was kinda shocked that my GF invited y'all to San Francisco with us. I just wish the weather would have been warmer so I could have laid out the crawfish on the table, outside. BTW, that wasn't a lot of food, that was a snack.

Originally Posted by nobe View Post
Hey y'all... does anyone remember me? I haven't been on the site in, oh...6 months. I was doing really well up to that point. I had lost 35 pounds or so. Then I started losing motivation. Then I got a job three days a week at a thrift shop, which was great in some ways (running off my feet all day at work) and not so great in others (we get bread to give out for free to the customers, but whenever the bread guy has a special treat it goes on our lunch table, and the lunch table is always piled with cookies, cakes and pastries). I've gained back about ten pounds between working there and Christmas treats and winter slump.

I tried to get back on track February first and I wasn't feeling it and haven't lost anything. Then I thought, what was I doing that was different last year? And the answer was this thread.

Sooooo, I'm back and hoping to make it work this time. I know it's Sunday but I thought I'd say hi today and start with goals tomorrow. So hi!
I remember you! Welcome back. Tori is still here. I told her that you were asking about her, she said to tell you "hi", I told her to tell you herself, maybe she'll peek back in.

Donna, I'll update my sig tomorrow.
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