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Nobe! Hey, welcome back, girl! I remember when you were headed to a new job. We'll cheer you on as you work off those 10 lbs. So glad you realized our thread makes a difference. I regained a lot of weight, too--had been down to 207 last summer, so I'm right alongside you, having regained about 13 lbs. or so. I haven't had the courage to get on the scale lately.

Robin, you're welcome. I'm sure close to ALL of us could be more open minded about some healthier foods. Let us know how your Quinoa Tabboulah came out. Kudos on all your exercise!

Jezzie, that had to be really scary having that cardio event! I smoked for over 30 years--quit once for 7 years, started up again (stress caused me to not care) but I had the courage to quit again. Have been smoke free for another 5 years or more.

Jenn, I missed that you are down 9 lbs. from your highest weight! Way to go! You surely do deserve a new summer wardrobe!

Hope, you have done so well considering your recent vacations. Kudos on being back on plan, though. I have no doubt you'll be at goal weight pretty darned soon.
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