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Hey y'all... does anyone remember me? I haven't been on the site in, oh...6 months. I was doing really well up to that point. I had lost 35 pounds or so. Then I started losing motivation. Then I got a job three days a week at a thrift shop, which was great in some ways (running off my feet all day at work) and not so great in others (we get bread to give out for free to the customers, but whenever the bread guy has a special treat it goes on our lunch table, and the lunch table is always piled with cookies, cakes and pastries). I've gained back about ten pounds between working there and Christmas treats and winter slump.

I tried to get back on track February first and I wasn't feeling it and haven't lost anything. Then I thought, what was I doing that was different last year? And the answer was this thread.

Sooooo, I'm back and hoping to make it work this time. I know it's Sunday but I thought I'd say hi today and start with goals tomorrow. So hi!
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