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I have had the same problem over the winter.. but in the past I have been successful at dropping lbs by using mono-fruit day plans-like The New Beverly Hills Diet (which is really an old diet book from the 90's) (I'm not saying this is the healthiest way.. & I'm not a Dr..) but seeing the scale move, helps motivate me. Even if it's water weight. Just eat the fruit days 3 days in a row and with lots of water & exercise, i'm sure the scale will move..

but for the long term, I think you should cut out the bread, grains, cereal, meat, full fat dairy.. processed food.. sugar, oil, and esp SALT which can make you retain water, and your clothes feel tight. i know to some this sounds extreme, but I'm a vegetarian, and replacing the majority of your diet with whole fruits and veg's is the best thing you can do for yourself and weight loss.. they are almost all low-cal, high fiber. eat them raw, if you don't like to cook.

also, i think that standard caloric range of the "average" person, doesn't apply to everyone. I think you should drop your caloric intake to no more than 1200/cal day max!! try that alone for a few days or a week, and see if it makes a difference.

hope that helps! & good luck!
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