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I have a paleo/primal lifestyle with a focus on whole foods. I signed up for FitDay as a requirement for a class I was taking and now I use it more just to see the the breakdown of protein to fat to carb ratio in my diet.

However recently I decided to read a few of the articles they provide and was dismayed to say the least. Their "Coconut Oil, Just the Facts" is in fact, not just the facts. And the information it does provide is bias and inaccurate. I am someone who has grown such a passion for learning about the truth in respect to our food, I had hoped FitDay (as a site meant to improve and empower people through health) would not subscribe to present day marketing dogma. It is unfortunate we have to actively seek it out the truth on our own.

Although perhaps this is actually a blessing. We should all be responsible for creating our own health and lifestyle. Yet it is hard to ignore the dogma of the past 60 years and to accept that almost everything you believed in relation to health and food is mistaken. When I first started researching current issues and health paradox's I was a little taken aback and tried to deny it. Yet I have found that if you look at the real unaltered science and look at the results without bias there is a clear pattern. Not to mention hundreds of years of data.

Primal/paleo whatever you chose to call it is my lifestyle, and I wouldn't have any other way and it makes sense to me logically, and honestly even if I couldn't explain it scientifically I would still chose this lifestyle because it is simple, and makes me feel my absolute best, mentally, emotionally and physically.

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