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Originally Posted by SCIrwin View Post
Would love your thoughts on FitDay and the nutritionists. Thank you.
I've been doing primal for sometime (>3 years) and low carb before that. But I only recently worked out why my weight loss had stalled (for more than a year): I had to restrict my protein intake and then I lost the remaining ~40 lb that I wanted to lose. Like the others who've posted here, I love my diet, my lifestyle. I eat a little dairy which is why I don't call it paleo but often it is strictly paleo

And of course, it's not always so easy to keep all weight off. Things happen. I'm now wanting to lose 15 lb. So I came back to Fitday and things have changed (in the program) a lot. Somethings have been moved out of the standard program and they're trying to promote their sales. The ads are the biggest difference. IT's hard to do anything without being chased by an ad. I'm going to try it for a week. See whether I want to pay for ad-less Fitday or what.
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