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Originally Posted by Jezzie8 View Post
Jezzie (signed):

Start 02.02.13
Weight 206.6
03.02.13 = 206.2
Height 5'6"
Age 56
Goal 160?
Progress: TBD
Jezzie, Don't get too disappointed by a lack of movement by the scale. I'm one year younger than you are, and for me the scale was glued to the same number for months, no matter how much of a calorie deficit I managed. But then all of a sudden things changed. I'm not sure there was a magic day, but I started with this vague feeling of 'feeling better.' Then I started looking better. Then the scale started moving. I'd say it was three months before anything happened, after six I was down 15-20 pounds. You get the idea.

Now I'm 'stuck' at my goal weight. Give or take 2-3 pounds now and then. I've logged my food every day for over a year, and tried to keep up with my exercising. It's harder some times then others, but the results are astounding.

- Donna
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