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Default Weekend

Well that week went fast. Thursday was pizza day at work but managed to stay at a reasonable calorie count. I was striving for no more than 1200 calories a day but rarely kept it there. This month I'm setting the line at 1400 which is more attainable and satisfying. I cheated too much when feeling deprived and the result speaks for itself! I also need to get back to exercise!! The shoulder shouldn't stop me from walking outside or a's just the getting up so early part that's a struggle again but once used to it is OK.
Sounds like everyone is doing well, good for you all! Kids growing up, flat Stanley is a hoot, snowshoeing looks to be very taxing - hope you enjoy, and meeting set goals. You guys rock! . here's to a successful month ahead for all of us :-) Tracking and exercise :-)
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