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I think "oldschool" nailed this one:

Originally Posted by oldschool58 View Post
it's an indicator or measure of work + nutrition + rest + hydration
The only thing I'd alter:
It's a measure of hydration + work + hydration + nutrition + hydration + rest + hydration.
All the hydration because most of us don't drink enough water...
  • Drink water BOTH before AND after your workout. (I do as little as possible durring...)
  • Workout regularly so your muscles get used to being worked.
  • Eat and drink well -- could even try to decrease intake of inflammatory foods but I'm not sure that matters.
  • Rest as hard as you workout.
  • And keep drinking!

Stretching is, of course, a must!
It will go the distance in preventing injury but, as a way to "decrease" soreness I'm not sure I buy it. Stretching, icing, salt baths, popping ibuprofen, and the rest might all be great things but, they only mitigate the soreness after you have it...
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