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Great question!!
Unfortunately, I have no clue how much you'll lose -- just wanted to chime in to say:

Don't sweat it! (And, follow your Dr's advise to the T!)

1) I have a buddy who I play soccer with. He tore his achilles and was given a similar timeframe to stay off it -- entirely. He didn't obey -- basically cut it in half or more. He couldn't wait to get back out on the pitch and was out playing soccer again in 4 weeks -- he's regretted it for the last 5 years. The worst part: he can't play soccer at all any more.

2) I've never been "forced" to abstain from exercise for that long a period -- but I've made the choice to do it! (Heh...) Probably happens to me a couple times every year -- I just get sick of working out and completely fall off the wagon. I think my longest stretch has been over 3 months! I certainly lose muscle tone during those periods -- and maybe pick up a little extra flab too -- but it all comes back VERY quickly! Muscle memory amazes me every time...
(If my actual memory only worked that well...!!)

Hope your surgery goes well.
Call it a vacation and enjoy it with NO stress -- just get back on your game when it's safe for you to do so.
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