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Hey, CaramelMisses!
I've often thought that exercise should not have to be as expensive as people make it! There are all those exercise DVDs out there that might be worth the cost if you actually use them -- but many people buy them as drink coasters.
A good personal trainer can be worth their weight in gold but, that's actually what you have to pay.
It's always great to get out of the house but there are also TONS of things you can do right at home with minimal to no investment. There are great recommendations above so I won't reiterate but I'll add a few ideas:

First, a big thing -- always be sure to protect yourself!
Start gradually and build.
Push yourself but, don't over do it.
Listen to your body -- it should let you know if you shouldn't be doing something.
Don't be too shy to talk to your doctor if you need to!

Stretching can actually be good exercise and burn a lot of calories. Plus (VERY important!), being limber will help you avoid injury as you do other exercises. Yoga is great and you can probably find some programming on your local PBS channel. (If you subscribe to Comcast for cable TV, I know they have a lot of stuff on OnDemand...)

Joint mobility is HUGE!
Personally, I like "Intu-Flow" There are some free tutorials for beginners on his site. (And, Scott Sonnon is amazing...)

Some resistance training (weight lifting, etc) is usually recommended.
PLay with your milk-jugs or canned food -- you can lift anything.
My favorite -- stop by a medical supply store and buy about 10-feet of surgical tubing. Tie a knot in the middle with a loop on the bottom -- a place where you could slip your foot into. Tie loops at both ends -- for your hands. Once you have this, you'll probably figure out loads of things you can do with it but, basically:
1) attach the middle to your foot, grab the ends and reach for the sky!
2) attach the middle to a doorknob, grab the ends and reach out in front of you -- or, turn around and reach behind you.
3: lie down, hold the ends stationary the ends with your hands, slip your foot in the middle and stretch your foot down, to the side, what ever. (Be careful not to let it slip -- from experience I'll tell you that surgical tubing firing back at your face is unpleasant...)
4) you can hit just about everywhere with this -- use your imagination...

We always need cardio!
I love doing "mountain climbers" -- if you have trouble getting in that push-up style position at first, grab a sturdy chair and start there.

You know the old "bicycle" routine -- lie down, support your hips with your hands, lift your legs in the air and "ride a bike."

Countless things you can find on YouTube -- just be sure to spend more time exercising than you spend searching for exercises...!

Anyway, the biggest key is to just get moving! Exercise doesn't have to be expensive -- we're actually designed to move and we can do it for free!
Eat this today! (If you don't like that one, come back and click again...)
My Calorie Intake Goal: Keep the tank full and feel good!
Next physical challenge: Ride my bicycle from Seattle to SanFran!
Burning desire: Stand at the high point of every State in the US -- one down (#4 on the list), 49 to go!

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