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Default Calorie cycling

I may have found some interesting advice on what to do when hitting a plateau.

Calorie Cycling.

Instead of going by daily calories go by a week and space out the calories to allow yourself some "cheat" days.

For example, if my total weekly caloric intake based on metabolism, how much I want to lose, etc were 10,500 that would equal 1500/day. Instead of doing 1500/ day, lower it 5 days of the week to say 1200/day and the other 2 days go to 2250. Or one day of 2500 and one day of 2000. Those calories still all need to be on the healthy side, it doesn't give you reason to go free reign and eat junk food. The "experts" say this tricks the metabolism when it reaches "starvation mode" after awhile of dieting.

The next week go back to what you were doing before and there should be a budge on the scale.

Interesting. Thoughts?
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