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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
I have a bunch of questions.
Are you timing your walks? If so, how long does it take you?
What do you feel is causing you to be out of breath (Are you going faster than you feel comfortable? Do you have breathing issues like asthma? is it an altitude or air quality issue?)
When you say "work through the pain", what kind of pain? (chest pain, muscle soreness, leg cramps, foot pain, shin splints??) If it's any of the last four... how old are your shoes? Are they at least decent shoes with decent support?
I'm not timing my walks but constantly trying to move faster or keep at a quick pace. The cause of me being out of breath is obesity. Yes I'm going faster than I feel comfortable because if I work out in my comfort zone I tend to gain more weight than lose. I have breathing issues because I'm very out of shape.

And as for the pain:

I just started running yesterday because I've been walking almost every single day and I lost about 8 lbs. and then... gained it all back. I have absolutely no reason why. I've been eating at a calorie defecit. I've been feeling much better. I can move easier. Simple tasks have become easier for me.

I've walked 3 miles a day for the past few weeks.

When I started running, I feel a pain in my neck that goes down into my chest. My right arm gets a bit in pain too. My heart pumps out of my chest and my lungs feel as though they are about to colapse. My legs/feet hurt but thats pain I can deal with and work with. The other stuff however is stuff that scares me. Is this a sign of a heart attack? Am I just paranoid? Are these types of pains that I need to "grit through?"

I'm at a solid 256 lbs. and have decided on a few life changes. I officially hate walking now. No matter how fast my pace is, I've seemed to not lose any weight or fluctuate like crazy. I get that I'm going to fluctuate but losing 8 lbs and gaining 8 lbs. over a 2 month period seems kind of silly. So I'm going to run. I like running.. a lot... it just hurts and I'm -----incredibly----- out of shape for it. I'm doing my best to pace myself cause I don't want to hurt myself but I have no clue when to stop, keep going, work through it, or what.

My body is weird. If I'm literally doing nothing every day I gain a few lbs per week. If I eat less, no change. If I work out and eat less, very minor changes that seem to correct itself and gain back what I've lost.

Seems I need to work harder. I used to have a very active life style so even in this obese state, maybe my body is telling me this isn't enough. If I want to lose weight and meet the goals that I want, I'll need to change drastically, not just a little.
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