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Thank you so much for the information, guys! What I got from both posts is that I'm just going to HAVE to develop new eating habits. In the past I would lean towards diets like the slim fast diet, just so I could have those sweet shakes and imitation chocolate bars. LOL! Yes...I'm THAT addicted to sweets. Of course I've never seen success while following that crash diet.

I have what you would call "insulin resistance", and I really should be eating as little sugar and carbs as possible. However, for some reason it's just too hard to accept. I can't lie, at one point I was eating mainly brown rice (sometimes), broccoli, and skinless chicken, but got so bored with the diet that I went back to my old eating habits within two months. I had actually lost close to 20lbs! SMH Do you guys have any recipes or ways to spice up healthy foods so that I won't tire of them so easily? I would also like to add that I'm not a huge fan of meat. Come to think of it, I haven't had a single piece of meat today!

I've heard that the muscle milk is great! I'll definately look into that! I also enjoy the Special K drinks. They did seem to help a bit with my hunger.

Also, how do you guys feel about step aerobics for exercise? I live in an apartment, and can't afford a gym membership or exercise equipment at this time. (single mom) Do you guys think that following exercise dvds can help shed a lot of weight?

Exercise Police, how many reps should I do of those exercises, and how often. I know I seem to be clueless, but exercise really isn't my "thing". All I've ever really done was step aerobics and the walk at home dvds.

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