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My high school boyfriend did the same thing to me. He would stand over my shoulder while I would make myself something to eat and criticize me the entire time. He would tell me what I should and should not eat. He would also point out any physical flaws I had, even the non-weight related flaws. After he and I went to separate colleges, whenever I went to visit him (it was always me visiting him), he would be aloof and never introduce me to any of the friends he had made. I could tell that he was embarrassed by me. Then it came to the point where he broke up with me for being too fat and he wanted to see what sex was like with a thin girl. He actually said this to me. The thing is, I was only 180 pounds and I'm 5'8", so I really wasn't that big. After we broke up, I met my now husband who accepts me at any weight. I just had our second child three weeks ago and I'm sitting at 209 pounds. My husband still tells me that I'm sexy and beautiful. The point that I'm making to you is that this guy you're with is toxic. There is nothing about the way he treats you that is okay. Leave him behind and find someone who loves you exactly the way that you are, no matter what you weigh. Then lose the weight for yourself with real support.
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