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Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
On top of all that, I of course, have a great deal of power over his food right now. Fed him green tea and chicken bacon so far today!
LOL! Way to go! Seriously, it will be so much easier for you if you and your husband are both eating the same way.

Mike, continued prayers for your friend.

whyme, I wouldn't say you fell off the wagon - maybe just dragging a foot! I think there are 3 stages to implementing a change, whether it's exercising or keeping your closet neat. In the first stage, I force myself to do it and don't really enjoy it. In the second stage, I've done it long enough that I feel guilty when I slip. At the third stage, I do it because I want to (if I don't exercise, I miss it and WANT to do it).

I purposefully left my exercise goal vague - an hour of extra movement a day (in my case it's been yard work, walking, yoga, interval workouts, stationery bicycle, aerobic workout/dancing, stair climbing). Every day is a slightly different mix depending on weather, my schedule, what I feel like.
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