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Originally Posted by CaramelMisses View Post
I think the biggest challenge is controlling my mind. If I could have more will power, my weight loss journey would be alot easier.
That's the truth right there - that's everyone's problem. If we could only bottle will power, we'd be rich!

The South Beach Diet is essentially avoiding white sugar, refined grains (white rice, white flour), and foods high on the glycemic index. It does include a mid-morning,mid-afternoon, and evening snack which really helps me never feel hungry.

Eating healthful food isn't expensive because it's generally processed foods that are expensive. A couple of exceptions that come to mind are brown rice and whole wheat pasta are more expensive than their refined counterparts.

Changing eating habits is hard at first. I used to prefer white rice to brown rice - now it's the opposite. I used to love white potatoes and didn't really care for sweet potatoes/yams - now it's the opposite. And when you stop eating a particular food for several weeks, often the cravings for it go away. I had to learn what correct portion sizes were. Experts say stomachs don't shrink, but I guess they do adapt to new habits too, because after a few weeks of eating smaller portions, I get filled up faster now.

In terms of weight, it does come down to calories taken in versus calories expended. If you're not exceeding 1500 calories a day (that's my goal too), I'm guessing that you're probably spending at least 500 calories more than that a day just living your regular life - which is 3500 calories a week - which is 1 lb a week loss.

Nutrition is another story... you can "spend" 200 of your 1500 calories on a small piece of cake that provides few nutrients, or spend the 200 calories on an apple and some cheese. I do check weekly to see what nutrients I'm falling short on, and then try to eat more foods with whatever I'm short on.

As to ratio of fats to carbs to protein, health experts have different ideas as to what's best. I think a lot depends on the individual metabolism and whether the individual has a specific problem (heart, hypertension, diabetes, etc.)
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