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Whyme, welcome. Best wishes this week on those very nice goals!

Mike, what's the latest on your policeman friend who was shot?

Hope, I'm glad you enjoyed your writing Monday. Ooh, I love orange chicken, but the few times I've made it, my husband just asked for his unsauced as he doesn't like citrus and chicken together. DH used to cook--mostly good ol' American comfort food-- before we were married. He does help a lot in the kitchen cleaning up after I cook, though. I'd rather cook than clean anyday.

Robin, how's your husband doing? I saw that he was released from the hospital. Whoa--5 months to recover! I'm guessing physical therapy will be involved? How are YOU? Your reply to Jezzie was just awesome and encouraging to anyone who read it.

Jezzie, Robin's reply to you was just so darned perfect that I can't think of a thing to add--so I will just say that what Robin said just can't be topped by me.

Kumochi Mary, my fitness has been going down, too-first from a minor back injury and then just due to lack of caring right now. I have cause for motivation but am too lazy to put it into practice. I don't need a pep talk or encouragement--I know what works, what to do, and how to do it--I just need to do it. I hope you can get moving again. I will vow right now to take baby steps to get back into exercise. At least 10 minutes of vigorous walking today. What are your plans for exercise today?

Carolyn, hi!

Darlene, kudos on the walk in the park. Glad you had a nice visit with your friend. Nice job on your calories and deficit Monday and fantastic Tuesday report. Keep up the good work!

Velmasue, kudos on your 5 lb. loss! Nice goals, too.

Donna, congrats on making four out of six goals last week--special congrats on your dietary cholesterol! Wishing you another successful week.

Wow, our thread is a little slow this week, isn't it? I guess due to many of us having unusual things going on in our lives away from the computer.
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