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Question RDA % given for nutrients you can't enter...

Maybe I missed the answer to this somewhere, but don't see the question. I've been using Fitday for years, and find it to be very informative & helpful. But I've also contacted them several times, and get no response. In the daily graphs/reports, you're given the % of the USRDA that you've fulfilled, but Pant. Acid & Phosphorus, while listed on the nutrients you should have, you can't enter them in the food information. So it tells you you're coming up very short (HUGE on phosphorus), when you can't enter how much is on the food label of what you're eating. A couple of us had literally started taking a supplement, without realizing that we didn't enter it because you can't. It's not on the list of nutrients & other info to enter. Anyone know what the story on this is? ...Thanks!
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